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Characteristics and Prospects of the Automotive Engine Piston Ring Market in 2019

The development of Piston ring technology comes from two aspects: First, the development of the whole machine promotes the progress of Piston Ring technology. The level of independent research and development of the whole machine will be improved, and the piston ring technology will also be improved. Second, the piston ring enterprises take the route of high-end technology and actively promote the application of new technologies on the whole machine. Domestic piston ring enterprises basically rely on the introduction of foreign technology to improve their technical level. The technical development trend of the piston ring industry in recent years is the material steel, the thinning of the piston ring and the high-end surface treatment.

Since the piston ring is both a key component of the engine and one of the most demanding friction parts in the engine, the piston ring is required to have high resistance to fusion wear. Finding new materials and new surface treatments has become the main technical focus for the piston ring industry to meet future market demands.

Steel materialization and thin piston ring are the development trend of piston ring technology

The piston rings of conventional automotive diesel engines generally use ductile iron and alloy cast iron, and the piston rings of gasoline engines are generally made of steel. As the vehicle engine develops toward high reinforcement, high output power, and light weight, the piston ring becomes thinner and the weight becomes lighter, which requires the piston ring to have high strength (thermal fatigue strength), and the material for the piston ring of the vehicle engine. There has been great development: ordinary gray cast iron - high alloy cast iron - ductile iron - steel. In recent years, Steel Piston Rings, which used to be used in gasoline engines, have been gradually introduced into the diesel engine field, and some diesel engines have begun to adopt steel oil rings. Compared with the cast iron ring, the Steel Piston Ring does not require a casting process, is light in weight, and has a simple processing method. Domestic mainstream manufacturers have invested in the research and development and production of new steel rings. The proportion of steel rings used in the automotive diesel industry is also high.

Another trend in the development of piston ring technology is that the height of the piston ring becomes smaller, that is, it is thinner. When the height of the piston ring becomes smaller, the tightness between the piston ring and the cylinder liner is enhanced, and the probability of oil entering the combustion chamber is reduced, so that the pollution pollution can be reduced. At present, it is gradually promoted and applied in the field of vehicle diesel engines and gasoline engines.

High-end surface treatment technology is another trend in the development of piston ring technology

Vehicle engines (especially diesel engines) are developing towards high mechanical loads and high heat loads, and the durability requirements of high-output engines are also greatly improved. At the same time, regulations such as low fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions required for environmental protection are coming. The more strict. In view of these circumstances, the wear resistance of the piston ring, the performance of the pull-resistant cylinder, and the sliding characteristics that do not cause too much wear on the cylinder liner are required. The working conditions of the piston ring are high temperature and high pressure, which are extremely demanding. At the moment of explosion of the engine combustion chamber, the gas temperature can reach 2000 °C ~ 2500 °C, and the reciprocating piston speed and load are very large, which poses a great challenge to the surface treatment process of the piston ring.

In general, the surface treatment processes for ductile iron and alloy Cast Iron Piston Ring piston rings include phosphating, oxidation, and chrome plating. Among them, chrome plating is the process adopted by most domestic manufacturers. However, the chrome plating process has serious environmental pollution, low production efficiency, high scrap rate and production cost of the piston ring, especially the heavy treatment of heavy metals in the waste liquid is difficult. The chrome plating process is gradually reduced abroad, and a large number of new processes of spraying molybdenum, nitriding and spraying ceramics are adopted to reduce environmental pollution, improve production efficiency and use of high-grade piston rings. The steel ring is mostly made of nitriding, molybdenum spraying and PVD. It is more advanced and widely used in the piston ring industry in developed countries, especially in Japan.

With the advancement of the domestic engine industry, China's piston ring industry surface treatment process has also been greatly developed, nitriding, molybdenum spray, end flash plating (new technology for piston ring side reinforcement), composite plating (chromium ceramic, CCC), physics Advanced processes such as vapor deposition (PVD), ultra-high speed oxygen flame spraying (HVOF), and chromium diamond composite plating (GDC) are beginning to be applied. Since each process requires a new production line, it has high requirements for technology, production and capital strength. At present, only the two-ring piston ring and Anqing Dibergs have the above-mentioned advanced technology production lines.

Piston ring technology needs further development

Domestic piston ring enterprises still have a certain gap with foreign countries in technology research and development, which is manifested in four aspects: First, in terms of materials and surface treatment, domestic enterprises are in the initial stage of innovation or basically have no ability to innovate. Yizheng Shuanghuan has passed many years. The research and development of the composite electroplating technology (CCC) with independent intellectual property rights, obtained the national invention patent, and formed the industrial production, the pace of innovation in the industry is at the forefront; the second is in the product bench verification, like the Yizheng double ring even With the gantry laboratory, but it has just started very soon; the third is the lack of product design experience of domestic enterprises, and has only begun to accumulate various data in recent years; the fourth is that the domestic process level is greatly affected by equipment, and it is difficult to ensure the production capacity of complex products. .

Fourth, the main competitive landscape of the piston ring industry

Host market - double heroes

1, the car diesel engine market - double male hegemony

Yizheng Shuanghuan Piston Ring Co., Ltd., Anqing Dibergs Piston Ring Co., Ltd.;

Standby to enter the diesel engine host market: Changsha Zhengyuan Piston Ring Co., Ltd., Fujian Huaying Auto Parts Group, Nanjing Feiyan Piston Ring Co., Ltd.;

2, the car gasoline engine market - private enterprises dominate

Fujian East Asia Piston Ring Co., Ltd., Anqing Dibergs Piston Ring Co., Ltd., Yizheng Shuanghuan Piston Ring Co., Ltd., Fujian Autopath Piston Ring Co., Ltd.;

Maintenance market - the competition

1. Vehicle diesel engine: Yizheng Shuanghuan Piston Ring Co., Ltd., Anqing Dibergs Piston Ring Co., Ltd., Changsha Zhengyuan Piston Ring Co., Ltd., Fujian Huaying Auto Parts Group, Nanjing Feiyan Piston Ring Co., Ltd., Shijiazhuang Jingang [Review Picture Forum] internal combustion engine accessories;

2. Gasoline engine for vehicles: Fujian East Asia Piston Ring Co., Ltd., Anqing Dibergs Piston Ring Co., Ltd., Yizheng Shuanghuan Piston Ring Co., Ltd., Fujian Autopath Piston Ring Co., Ltd., Xiamen Riken Piston Ring Co., Ltd.;

5. Why do many piston ring small factories have room for survival?

The piston ring industry has been scattered for a long time and its technical level is low. Recently, many people in the industry have called for the piston ring industry to be integrated only to survive. It is believed that piston ring manufacturers will be less and less like foreign countries. But that is not the case. According to industry experts, the number of piston ring enterprises has not increased as the number of foreign countries has decreased year by year. The market development has not been standardized, but has become more disorderly. China's parts and components industry is becoming more and more complicated. The main reason is that the diversification of products determines that the number of Chinese component companies will not decrease for a considerable period of time.

According to some statistics, there are more than 50 piston ring related enterprises in the surrounding areas of Yizheng Shuanghuan. The facts show that many well-known parts and components companies have survived for a long time. According to statistics, China produces more than 40 million engines every year, including the supply of nearly 10 million cars, commercial vehicles, and more than 30 million motorcycles, agricultural vehicles, construction machinery, marine engines and so on. If the piston ring manufacturers are unable to supply cars and commercial vehicles, they can supply other 30 million locomotives, or they can supply a large number of repair markets.

With the continuous development of China's national economy and the rapid growth of the automobile industry, the demand for the piston ring market will continue to expand. This also determines that the number of piston ring manufacturers will not decrease but will increase. As the vehicle market expands, the piston ring market capacity will continue to expand, and the variety and quantity of products will increase. It is understood that the protection of local protectionism, the state-owned enterprise system and the huge zero-relationship system in order to maintain the growth of local fiscal revenues have led to insufficient competition, which makes products with low technical level and poor competitiveness exist for a certain period of time, thus low. Enterprises such as inferior and inferior products can survive. However, with the passage of time, China's piston ring manufacturers will follow the international development law, showing a decreasing trend.

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